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The EZ Bake Mini


The redesigned EZBake Mini takes the electronic nail experience to a new level. With so many units produced over seas lacking quality and longevity, the EZBake Mini aims to bring you a new, Made in the USA take on the technology. All units are small batch made and tested to meet EZBake standards. The 5 inch by 5 inch footprint provides a small unit that will complement your aromatherapy dab experience, while the rugged enclosure keeps the unit protected and like-new for its lifetime. As always, custom laser engraving available upon request.



Dual Temp Display

Dual Temp Display

Displays both the coil temperature and the target temp.

Premium Connections

Premium Connections

High quality Neutrik connectors and solder points

Premium Cable

Premium Cable

5 foot weave wrapped, insulated lead cable

Premium Coil

Premium Coil

High quality, long-lasting, nichrome coil element.



Personalized cases and coils available

Rest EZ

Rest EZ

One year unit warranty.



200W / 120VAC comparable with a standard household outlet.



Heats to 700 degrees in under 3 minutes.

Original EZ Bake

EZ Bake is a high-quality, portable, electric nail that completely re-imagines the standard aromatherapy device. The innovative design has streamlined your entire experience – gone are the unnecessary tools and unwieldy or fragile pieces. EZ Bake is uncomplicated, comfortable, and beautiful — exactly what your chosen aromatherapy dab experience should be.


Personalize your Ez Bake.

Make it Yours

We can laser engrave your EZ Bake with any image you can dream up — from classical artwork, to band logos, to custom designs. The matte black surface of the EZ Bake is a beautiful blank canvas for you to make your e-nail experience as unique as your imagination.

Feedback from our users

Julian M.

Rochester, NY

I went through a few different e-nails before I got an EZ Bake, and so far it's surpassed them on all counts.

Leah W.

Los Angeles, CA

I purchased one of the Dore EZ Bakes, and it is so beautiful in person! No one I know has ever seen anything like it, and it works perfectly.

Earl J.

Minneapolis, MN

I'm constantly on the road for work, so I wanted a nail I could easily take with me. EZ Bake fit the bill, and it's exceeded all of my expectations!



General Questions

What grade are the titanium nails?
All of our titanium nails are 100% Grade 2 Titanium, proven by third-party material analysis tests.
What are the ceramic nails made out of?
Our ceramic nails are pure, medical grade ceramic. They are 100% inert and non-porous.
Should I get a ceramic nail or a titanium nail?
Titanium nails are more durable, but ceramic nails provide a cleaner flavor. The ceramic nails also have the ability to safely sit in female joints in addition to male joints.
Will my ceramic nail crack?
Ceramic nails are certainly much more fragile than titanium nails, and must be handled with care. With even heating from your EZ Bake, the risk of ceramic cracking from heat stress is greatly reduced.
Will the coil work with Highly Educated nails?
Yes, the coil works very well with the Highly Educated Infinity Nail, as well as many other nails on the market.
I hear a ticking sound coming from the nail, is this ok?
Yes, due to the natural properties of thermal expansion, it is normal to hear a quiet “clicking” caused by friction between the coil and the nail.
My screen displays the message LLLL?
This indicates that the coil is not connected, ensure the XLR connector is attached to the Temperature Box.
What temperature should I set the Ez Bake to?
Personal preference plays a large role. Most people find it most enjoyable between 500-800 degrees.
I'm about to leave my house, what should I do?
Turn off your EZ Bake. EZ Bakes reach extremely high temperatures and should never be left on un-monitored.
Are EZBake products considered drug paraphernalia?
No way. EZBake products are designed and sold for legal aromatherapy medical use only. EZBake does not manufacture or sell any equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers, or hookahs.
I see the word vaporizer has been used to describe your product. Is this accurate?
Unfortunately, the growing popularity of e-cigs and vaporizers used for illegal or high risk industries has muddied the waters. In fact, when we cook food at home or see our breath on a cold day, we see clean water vapor forming. This is a natural process that is very much part of living on our wonderful planet Earth. Because the word is getting a bad rep, we feel the need to disclose that, when we refer to vapor or vaporization, we are referring to the natural process of turning a water molecule or essential oil to a gas state. Furthermore, the term “vaporization” used in our store and on our website, EZ Bake is referring to our patented aromatherapy diffusion process.
Are any of EZ Bake products considered a smoking device?
The answer is simply no. Smoking is the act of burning a substance, and then inhaling the burned material. There is no burning of any substance when using EZBake products, so there is no smoking. The haze that you see that looks like smoke is water vapor, similar to steam coming off of boiling water, as oils are heated by the EZBake e-coil. More information on the legal nature of EZ Bake products are detailed in our Terms of Use.

Online Checkout

How fast do orders ship?
Orders ship within 3 business days. Custom orders may require longer lead times.
I am experiencing online checkout issues?
If you are expirencing online checkout errors please try and clear your browsers history and cookies. This will typically correct most online checkout issues.
I have cleared my cookies but still cannot place my online order?
Please get in touch with the EZ Bake team and we will help you place your order. Contact EZ Bake at support@ezbakenail.com or by using our contact page.
Is my information secure when making a purchase on ezbakenail.com?
Our entire website is secured by SSL encryption by Comodo, indicated by the green padlock displayed next to the https URL in your browser. We take our customers privacy seriously. Payment information is securely transmitted directly to our payment gateway and is never stored on our servers. Personal information such as shipping and billing details are stored securely for order placement and never shared with third parties. If you have any questions about your security or use of this website please get in touch by contacting us.

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